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Housing and Food Services employs a general maintenance worker for daily and routine residence hall problems. Some problems require outside vendors to complete the repairs. Housing and Food Services has contracts with other Penn State departments and vendors to address certain areas, such as wireless networks, laundry facilities, and card access.

Emergency Contacts

Housing and Food Services 724-773-3775
Residence Life 724-773-3959
Police Services 724-773-3888

Maintenance Requests

Routine maintenance requests can be submitted anytime online or by calling Housing and Food Services during normal business hours at 724-773-3775.

What is the difference between routine repairs and emergencies?

Routine repairs are problems that can be scheduled to be fixed and do not require immediate attention. Examples include a burned-out light bulb, problems with the refrigerator/microwave, or a torn screen.

Emergencies include anything that needs to be fixed immediately to prevent serious injury or damage:

  • Loss of hot or cold water
  • Loss of heat
  • Loss of steam supply
  • Loss of electricity (beyond normal power outages)
  • Electrical hazard
  • Flooding or major leak
  • Fire
  • Gas leak
  • Any condition that represents a significant imminent threat or potential hazard to the community
  • Glass window breakage that is a potential safety and/or security hazard
  • Pest emergencies (bats, bees, etc.)

See above for emergency phone contacts.


For card access problems, contact Housing and Food Services at 724-773-3775 during normal business hours. After hours, contact Residence Life at 724-773-3959 or Police Services at 724-773-3888.